The Advantages And Improvements Of The Unattended Vehicle

- Aug 10, 2017-

The driverless car, which is equipped with an electromagnetic or optical support device, is a highly automated robot that has been used in many local applications.Today's unmanned robots, many of them using the AGV car.The AGV will be able to travel along the route.And can play the role of safety protection, about various transport vehicles for safe transport and transfer.In industry, it is often used to transfer cars.They are powered by batteries.

The AGV car is required to use the electromagnetic orbit, and the unmanned vehicle has what kind of characteristics?

First, the AGV car has a high degree of initialisation.With magnetic induction, laser reflector and other control.Its operations require operators to computer plan instruction, the agv will end its transport journey plan, it would have to fulfill orders, the needed information quickly to production.

Secondly, the unmanned vehicle has the characteristics of active charging.The robot is waiting, and it will be able to meet the needs of a different unattended robot.When a driverless car runs out of power, it will issue a charging order to the terminal and then charge it under the staff's plan.It's a quick time to recharge, and then you're able to keep working.

Nowadays, no unmanned vehicle (AGV) has become more and more popular. We can see them in some warehouse and logistics companies, and we are also favored by many investors in factories.