The Advantages Of Lithium Battery

- Nov 09, 2016-

With lithium batteries in the electric vehicle battery industry, the new energy industry has made remarkable achievements, lithium-ion battery gradually into the public's vision. Today let’s see the lithium–ion batteries’ advantages compare with traditional lead-acid batteries.

Energy density:

    Lead-acid battery: 40Wh/Kg  PLB INR26650-55A: 210Wh/Kg


Cycle times: lithium-ion battery: 2000times  lead-acid battery: 500times,

Charge speed:

Lithium-ion battery: 0.5C-3C  lead-acid battery:0.2C-0.5C

Environmental protection:

    Lithium battery materials are green pollution-free materials, lead-acid batteries in the latter part of the use of the environment may cause serious environmental pollution. Lithium-ion battery is the general trend.