The Advantages Of Unattended Vehicle And Manual Handling

- Oct 14, 2017-

As the steam engine and generator and serious, such as computers, inventions, serious technical break not only robot category will lead to the increase of productivity, will bring profound influence on human life.

The unmanned transport industry has ushered in a good time, and China's attempt to seize this moment can be achieved without the efforts of the government, scientific research departments and enterprises.

Agv as a high-tech product, not only has a lovely surface, but also has strong carrier transfer the advantages of talents, intelligence to orbit at a suit, in the initiative in the logistics system plays an extremely important role.

Compared with the previous manual transfer, AGV has the advantages of convenient operation, high efficiency, good safety and saving manpower.

The unmanned vehicles are widely used in automatic loading and unloading of machine tools, automatic production line, automatic installation assembly line, stacking transfer and container etc.

The unattended vehicle is normal in all aspects, such as system scheduling, mission acceptance, loading and unloading, transportation, etc., and the failure rate is extremely low.

When the power of the unattended truck is lacking, the AGV car flashes the light of low power and returns to the charging pile to "make up for the energy".

Intelligent AGV car first applied to the transfer of goods sorting warehousing logistics industry, now the domestic transfer of unmanned vehicles) whether it is still function in terms of appearance, has reached the international standard, to make a lot of foreign companies.

With the excellent price, the untransferable car has become a choice for many well-known enterprises at home and abroad.

How much of an unmanned vehicle can change the logistics warehouse, let us wipe the eyes.