The African Enterprise Renewable Energy Project Provides A More Reliable Source Of Electricity For Citizens And Businesses

- Sep 30, 2017-

Energy storage network - China: renewable energy from the edge of the electricity subsidies, become an integral part of the electric field, especially in Africa, it has the potential for millions of citizens and enterprises to provide cleaner, cheaper and more easy to deploy, can rapidly expand sources of electricity.

A key driver is the dramatic reduction in the cost of technology through expanded, more competitive supply chains and technological improvements.

In South Africa, the cost of utility-scale solar photovoltaic projects has fallen to R0.60/ KWH over four years, from more than r3.50/kwh per hour.

The end result is renewable energy projects, whether utilities or businesses, no longer need subsidies to compete with traditional base load power.

Aware of this, the utilities have large scale project energy developers have been using these benefits to reduce costs, many African solar photovoltaic and wind power projects prices are favorable, new base load power than the existing tax US10c/KWH of electricity price is much more favorable.