The Application Of Industrial Robot In Lithium Battery Industry Will Be Further Expanded.

- Jul 24, 2019-

The application of industrial robot in lithium battery industry will be further expanded. For the industrial lithium battery industry, which continues to heat up in recent years, "machine replacement" seems to be more imminent. The current lithium battery equipment industry behind the boom, but also faced with low efficiency, poor stability, automation degree is not high "pain point". But this kind of contradiction, is precisely causes the robot application to explode the point the opportunity.


Lithium battery industry industrial robot development needs.
Lithium batteries are widely used in energy storage power systems, electric vehicles, military, aviation and other fields. Especially with the booming electric vehicle market in recent years, the demand for lithium batteries continues to rise. Can the current situation of lithium battery industry support these applications? According to relevant surveys, the current lithium battery industry automation degree is not high, low production efficiency, product stability is insufficient. And industrial robot is to solve this series of "pain point" sharp tool, lithium battery industry application of industrial robot is imminent.

From the input of raw materials to the output of PACK, the author roughly organizes the equipment involved as follows. It should be noted that the equipment listed below has not been adopted by every lithium battery manufacturer, but has been selected according to the enterprise's own situation. For example, most of the battery production and PACK stage are still semi-automatic equipment or manual processing, with a low degree of automation, especially in the stages of packaging, testing and storage.When selecting a robot, the following factors should be considered comprehensively:
1) load-bearing ability;

 2) working space;

3) degree of freedom and flexibility;

4) accuracy;

5) speed of movement and field of use.

The application of industrial robot in lithium battery industry will be further expanded.
The combination of robot technology and lithium battery production technology can greatly improve the automation and intellectualization of lithium battery production line, improve production efficiency and product quality, and drive lithium battery production enterprises to carry out technological upgrading and transformation. At the same time, the integration with artificial intelligence technology, automation, information and other intelligent manufacturing technology, is not only the premise of unmanned chemical plants, but also the future development trend of discrete manufacturing lines such as lithium battery in China.

At present, the most commonly used robots in lithium battery industry are linear module robots and SCARA robots, which are mainly used for carrying and changing in the production line. Among them, SCARA robot has advantages in realizing the rapid transformation of products and replacing the straight slide table. In the production process of digital battery, because of the variety of products, frequent replacement is required, and the usage of four-axis robot is relatively large.


Conclusion: industrial robots have been relatively mature in the application of power lithium battery industry, the customer's capacity has been significantly expanded and the product quality is very satisfied, I believe that in the power lithium battery industry will live up to expectations, bring greater benefits for everyone.