The Australian Government Will Support Blockchain Pv And Water Projects

- Nov 22, 2017-

China's energy storage network: the Australian government has agreed to provide a $25.7 million to support a two-year pilot project.

The project will use blockchain technology in western Australia to match utilities and commercial rooftop pv with batteries, electric vehicle charging stations and water treatment and acquisition systems.

Project sponsors, curtin university of Greg Morrison professor, said they would build a "smart meters, storage battery and blockchain trading systems, scatter critical infrastructure between energy and water efficiency", and this requires actual share position before.

As part of the project, fremantle will build a 5-megawatt solar facility.

The OuKuai Lian technology supplier Power Ledger will provide a platform for the ownership model of the solar cell array's trading floors and community self-provided batteries.

The project includes curtin university, murdoch university, cisco and CSIRO/Data61, its purpose is through the use of blockchain technology test and data analysis of distributed energy and water system, shows the interconnectedness of intelligent urban infrastructure in the future.

Total investment in the project will be a $5.68 million.

The university will manage the project.

CSIRO and Data61 will provide statistical forecasting and system modeling and general trends and risk analysis services.