The British Government Has Agreed To Lower VAT On Solar Batteries

- Aug 08, 2017-

China energy storage net news: recently, the British revenue & customs (HMRC) agreed to buy battery with household solar power generation system is only a 5% value-added tax, the energy storage in England in the mature industry added motivation.

HMRC had put all the energy storage product value-added tax rates at 20%, according to trade association (STA) but batteries as part of the solar system should take the same and household fuel, power supply and other standards, the government adopted the suggestion.

HMRC and STA representatives met to discuss why the VAT rate should be reduced to 5 per cent when the battery is purchased with solar power.Seb Berry, chairman and head of UK solar developer Solarcentury foreign affairs, said: "lowering the value-added tax rate of the new system will enable homeowners to adopt energy storage technology while adopting solar power technology.Investing in solar energy is a good option, and energy storage systems mean that homeowners can better control their energy balances.

Battery value-added tax rate to 5%, the potential of using solar energy users to install is a greater chance of energy storage system, and the good news to coincide with the subsidies after solar deployment rate fell to a seven-year low.

Although the government's support for solar power is waning, most of the British public is still a firm believer in solar power.

"Solar is still the most popular energy source, with an approval rating of 86 percent," said Leonie Greene, head of foreign affairs at STA.

STA has promised to continue negotiating with HMRC to reduce the tax rate on all energy storage products, including those that have not been purchased with solar power systems.