The British Government Has Allocated 80 Million Pounds To Build Electric Car Battery Centers

- Dec 06, 2017-

China energy storage net news: on November 30th, foreign media reported that the UK has scheduled for west midlands in central England set up a new car battery manufacturing development center, the British government and the company hopes that the move to promote the local mass production of electric car batteries.

The UK is expected to invest 80 million pounds ($107 million) for the development of batteries that use the latest battery technology.In announcing the investment decision, UK business secretary Michael clark said the centre would boost UK's international competitiveness in the sector.He said: "this new facility is being built in a booming area that will bring together academics and industry experts for innovation and development, which will be extremely beneficial for UK development.The international visibility of west midlands, which has assembled a number of prominent carmakers, will also increase.

The region's mayor, Andy streeter, said the investment could help manufacturers boost investment in green equipment and improve local air quality.He said: "if it is successful, we can not only in local job creation, development, manufacturing a car battery industry, can also provide reference in the other parts of the world's solution to the problem of congestion and air pollution."

The manufacturing center has established a partnership with the university of Warwick manufacturing group.In order to meet the growing needs of customers, air quality goal, manufacturers are racing to develop more environmentally friendly vehicles, improving the charging time, but the overall manufacturing capacity is insufficient, the government hopes that a breakthrough in the field of manufacturing.