The British Government Will Help Low-income Families Install Solar Panels For Free

- Sep 11, 2017-

China's energy storage network: taking a green route is good for bad things, such as installing solar panels and driving electric cars.However, the cost of choosing a green lifestyle is often huge, with electric cars, for example, which are typically luxury spending and only a small percentage of owners can afford it.

But for Britain, low-income families can now experience green living.The British government has announced a new green project to install solar panels free of charge for more than 800,000 low-income families in England and wales.The $1 billion project will be launched by renewable energy company Solarplicity and the British government.


The project aims to reduce the reliance on traditional forms of energy that are less favourable to the environment, using solar power.Solarplicity says the use of new energy will help these homeowners save 240 pounds a year.

The first 100,000 homes will be installed in the first 18 months and the rest will be installed in the next five years.