The Central South University Team Has Developed 'affordable' Rechargeable Zinc-air Battery Key Materials

- Apr 12, 2018-

On April 8th, central south university professor yong-peng lei team developed a can be used in rechargeable type zinc air battery graphene aerogels electric catalyst, the cost is only one over twenty of the platinum, iridium and other precious metal catalyst, but we can match the performance.The results are published in the international journal of the American chemical society energy express.

According to lei, zinc-air batteries are more "high-end" than lithium ions in the market and lithium iron phosphate, and the theoretical energy density is eight times higher than that of lithium ion batteries, which are twice as dense as those of lead-acid batteries."The existing lithium ion batteries in the market are using organic electrolytes and are easily short-circuited, and there is an explosion and other risks.Zinc air battery with oxygen in the air as the positive active material, with the earth rich reserves of a cathode active material, zinc in aqueous solution as the electrolyte, no explosion danger, raw material costs are far lower than that of lithium ion batteries.It is a high energy density, safety and environmental protection, low cost, zero pollution and renewable battery.

A zinc-air battery has been used for electronic devices such as hearing products, navigation lights and railway signalling devices.However, the use of platinum and iridium and other precious metals as catalyst of rechargeable zinc air battery, because of the high price of catalyst, and affected its in mobile phones, laptops and other consumer electronic products and the application of the electric vehicles, drones and other vehicles.

The team in the catalyst design and realize the breakthrough in battery performance: using graphene oxide and nitride carbon nano graphite phase as the main raw material, after the hydrothermal self-assembly, freeze drying and heat treatment, with rich pyridine nitrogen doped graphene aerogels catalyst, and assembly of rechargeable zinc air battery, the battery energy density up to 872.3 Wh kg 1, 234 in circulation charge and discharge times, no obvious attenuation performance, showing excellent charge and discharge stability.