The Construction Of Charging Piles For Charging Piles In Cities Is Not Overdone

- Aug 16, 2017-

China energy storage net news: recent new energy cars, attracts the most attention is the policy subsidies a drop a liter - according to a 2017 new energy vehicles subsidies 20% lower than in 2016, no more than the central and local finance bicycle spent 50% of the national policy, how to cut subsidies to new energy vehicle.Meanwhile, subsidies for charging piles, such as shenzhen, are double that of last year.In addition, more than 30 cities, such as Beijing, xiamen, guiyang, tangshan and shijiazhuang, have clearly increased subsidies for charging piles.

"No matter the rise or fall, subsidies are not a market mechanism, but a means of government control."Energy, director of the center for Internet and north China electric power university professor Ming zeng said that the electric car subsidy for a long time, but the effect is not ideal, in the payment of the expenses have occurred, this policy did not fully considering, analysis, opaque.The main contradiction between the development of new energy vehicles and the lack of convenience of charging piles is the root cause of the shift of subsidies.

The convenience of charging piles is insufficient, and zeng Ming said that, in addition to the insufficient quantity and unreasonable layout, it is more important that the standard is not unified. The cars and piles produced by different enterprises do not match, causing a lot of trouble.These problems are not solved unilaterally by the market subject, so the subsidy should be tilted to the charging pile in time.

Will it be "excessive" that the subsidy tilts the positive charging pile, from the construction lag to the current moderate advance, to the "explosive" growth in the future?

"The problem now is that the charging pile is not enough, far from excessive," said wang changqing, the general manager of the north China region, the largest private electric car charging operator in China."The proportion of car piles is the main contradiction", the effective car pile ratio is more serious than the maladjustment phenomenon, plus the charging industry has been losing money, the government encourages the construction of more charging facilities is logical.

It is also a good policy guide to guide the manufacturers of new energy vehicles to "de-subsidize" and produce more competitive products as soon as possible.

In view of the eu countries, the plan to fully ban fuel vehicles in 2040, 2030 and even 2025 will be more necessary in advance planning and distribution of charging stations.In the north, new energy vehicles, such as guangzhou, are a formidable bottleneck.It is a good choice to make use of the existing gas station resources.Chang-qing wang believes that it has a natural network layout, the advantages of the owners approval, convenient parking, during the period of transition of mixture of oil, trams, can be built, renovated more fuel and electricity station, 8 m standing national standards stipulated by the safe distance;When the fuel truck age is banned, it can be easily converted into a pure charging station.

As for the mainstream technical route of charging stations, wang said public charging facilities should also be dominated by fast charging.The charging time "depends on the charging power, but also depends on the car". The current 60 kilowatts and 80 kw dc charging stations have been fully charged in the domestic mainstream models for an hour or so.He said, the stars of 350 kw dc charging device is developing, end of the year there will be a product out, implementation of 5 to 8 minutes on a full charge, convenience "just go as far as fuel cars".

Of course, the tilt of subsidies to charging piles is also not a market mechanism or a transitional arrangement.Whether it's an electric car or a charging pile, "it's going to eventually go to the market."Zeng Ming and wang changqing also emphasized.