The Cooperative Development Of New Energy Vehicles And Energy Storage Is An Inevitable Trend

- Aug 12, 2017-

China energy storage network: new energy and electric vehicle industry are all strategic emerging industries in China, but these two industries also face great challenges while the market is developing rapidly.In recent years, the promotion of electric vehicles in China has gradually increased, and the impact of electric cars on the power grid will become more and more obvious.As a mobile energy storage device, electric vehicles can effectively guide the charging, storage and other behaviors of electric vehicles, and can effectively guide the improvement of overall energy structure.

The new energy vehicle will be one of the largest mobile energy storage markets in the future if the national electric vehicle market is under 5 million vehicles and the battery capacity of new energy vehicles is about 300 GWH.Due to the existing power structure in our country, the current environmental protection within the whole life cycle of the electric car is controversial, auto electric must implement low carbon energy, which closely coordinated with renewable energy power generation.

In 2016, the number of new energy vehicles in China exceeded 1 million, accounting for 50% of the global total.It is estimated that 80 million electric vehicles will be installed in 2030, with a capacity of about 4800GWh, which will meet the storage capacity of 50 percent of renewable energy, such as wind power and photovoltaic, in order to meet the need for large-scale renewable energy.At present, new energy electric vehicles mainly focus on shenzhen, Beijing, Shanghai and anhui provinces, but renewable energy such as wind power and photovoltaic is mainly concentrated in Tibet.Therefore, if the electric vehicle is flexible and charged and discharged, it will greatly reduce the cost of system auxiliary service, and effective management of electric car charging will reduce the cost of transmission and distribution investment.

All in all, the development of new energy vehicles and energy storage is an inevitable trend.Renewable energy generation will benefit the cooperative development of new energy vehicles and energy storage.At present, the pricing strategy should be flexible and flexible, and gradually release the distributed market and create a market environment.To rationally plan the charging and discharging behaviors of new energy vehicles and improve the flexibility of electric vehicles;Fully explore the system development of electric vehicle battery life cycle and power market, which will benefit the optimization and improvement of overall energy structure.