The Country's First Coal Mining Subsidence Area Photovoltaic Power Station Grid Power Generation

- Oct 07, 2017-

China energy storage net news: on September 29 at 10 am, xintai city 2 million kw farmers light complementary photovoltaic power plant phase one project connected to the grid, it marks the first light complementary mode by agriculture, the use of coal mining subsidence area of the construction of the demonstration base of photovoltaic officially put into use.The project implementation, make xintai by coal mining subsidence area into a "wealth", "baggage" leading industry layout shifted from "underground" to "ground", the development mode from "black" to "green", to realize transformation of resources city.

It is understood that the local resources city transformation and development of photovoltaic industry, organic combination of land development and utilization of coal mining subsidence area, the farmers light complementary pattern, photovoltaic power generation in coal mining subsidence area of land, construction of facilities agriculture, not only for xintai industrial transformation and upgrading, the old and new kinetic energy conversion provides an opportunity to more resource city transition out a new way.

Xintai city of photovoltaic power generation coal mining subsidence area demonstration base planning and construction of 2 million kw farming light complementary photovoltaic power station, with a total investment of 20 billion yuan, the construction of 2016 ~ 2020, 30 building photovoltaic power station, solar greenhouse 30000, tunnel in greenhouse was 20000, 20000.In June 2016, a period of 500000 mw project was listed in the second batch of national coal mining subsidence area leading photovoltaic technology base, the province is the first leading photovoltaic technology base, with a total investment of 5 billion yuan, the construction of agriculture and light complementary photovoltaic power station 6, all kinds of efficient agricultural greenhouse 9620, involving zhai town, spring ditch town, west ZhangZhuang Town three township, 49 village.When the first phase of agricultural facilities is completed, 15,000 farmers will be able to resettle their employment, and the annual comprehensive agricultural income will be RMB 1 billion.

In the ceremony, zhao shuang, deputy secretary of xintai municipal party committee and mayor of xintai, said that the two million kilowatts of photovoltaic power generation demonstration base project industry of high degree of integration, rich people to increase the rate, and the city of high degree of integration.The large-scale investment of photovoltaic enterprises in the construction of agricultural sheds and supporting facilities, the comprehensive improvement of land in the subsidence area, and the specialized operation of agricultural sheds, the annual sales revenue will be 6 billion yuan.Secundiparity using roof or shed building a total installed capacity of 2 million kilowatts of photovoltaic power station spacing, an annual output of 2.5 billion kw h, realization of generating revenue was 2 billion yuan per year.Tertiary industry supporting the construction of large integrated 3 vegetable wholesale market, drive the logistics, finance, information, technology development, catering and other services, the synchronous development of tourism, formed three fusion of industry of new industry chain;The demonstration base can be arranged to employ 60,000 people, with an average increase of 15,000 yuan.The whole relocation of the coal village which has been heavy in the porphyry of the residential area has been completed, and two small towns have been built, and the scale of 50,000 residents has been formed, which has greatly improved the living conditions of residents.

In addition, all connected to the grid, after an average annual power generation to achieve tax 430 million yuan, the construction and installation to implement tax 500 million yuan, together with the tertiary industry, agriculture and photovoltaic enterprise tax, will fundamentally change the xintai city tax structure, get rid of the dependence on coal industry.