The Czech Republic Will Build The First Grid - Level Lithium-ion Battery Storage System

- Sep 09, 2017-

Praksice, a small town in the southeast of the Czech republic, will build the country's first grid - level lithium battery storage capacity, which will be connected to a photovoltaic power station, foreign media reported.

It is understood that Praksice has a 0.683MW photovoltaic power station invested by local developer Solar Global.At present, there are 23 photovoltaic power stations in the Czech republic and one roof photovoltaic power station built and operated by Solar Global.Now, Solar Global is looking at energy storage.

At present, Solar Global has designated Dutch power equipment & integrator Alfen to complete the 1MW energy storage project.

The project, which will be completed in the fourth quarter of this year, will be funded by the eu regional development fund.

"Energy storage has a very important role to play in the large-scale development and application of renewable energy," said Frantisek Smolka, chief executive of Solar Global.We hope to promote more storage system applications in the Czech republic through this project."

"Solar Global has realized that energy storage will increase the return on investment in photovoltaic and wind power generation," said Andreas Plenk, Global sales director at Alfen.

According to the doe's "energy storage project database", there are five energy storage projects in the Czech republic so far.Four of the projects are pumped storage power stations and the other is the all-vanadium liquid stream battery project.