The Development Of China’s Power Battery

- Nov 15, 2016-

On the current battery market supply and demand situation, affected bay battery capacity shortage, many companies have increased the capacity allocation. At the same time, there are still new companies added. By the end of 2016, China's battery production capacity is more than 60GWh. Battery industry rely on the past simple quantitative growth model has been unable to meet the new changes in the industry emerge, most low-end products in the battery market has excess capacity.

About the problem of excess production capacity, Zhou Xun Wei said: "The power battery demand is rigid demand, in accordance with national development planning, demand will become more and more big, and now the battery capacity is still a long way for development. Depot on the technology upgrade is the inherent needs, as long as the technology well, the product well, to meet the needs of the market, do not worry about excess.
"Most of our team is from the Silicon Valley technical staff, mainly engaged in battery management, power management, chip design, system design and other aspects of the research and development of the existing technology to further expand the can provide a great help. "In Zhouxuan Wei view, the domestic opportunities more active, some foreign ideas and the combination of domestic opportunities will be conducive to the development of enterprises.