The Development Of New Energy Vehicles Should Put Safety First

- Aug 08, 2017-

"Security determines the success or failure of the entire new energy car industry."National new energy automotive technology innovation engineering team Wang Binggang recently in the new energy automobile blue book: China's new energy automobile industry development report (2017), said at the fire problem now is more, but have not mass casualties, but has given us a serious warning.All those involved in new energy car-related jobs should put safety first.

The blue book is jointly issued by China automotive technology research center, nissan (China) investment co., LTD., dongfeng motor co., LTD., and social sciences academic press.

In 2016, the overall market for new energy vehicles has risen steadily.According to statistics from the China association of automobile manufacturers, in 2016, the cumulative production and sales of new energy vehicles totaled 517,000 units and 5.07 million units, far exceeding the overall level of 2015.

The higher the battery, the higher the risk of fire.From the point of view of the cell device, the energy is the energy that can be provided by the unit mass or volume.

The blue book points out that the high-energy batteries used in buses should be more cautious.There are many passengers on the bus, and it is difficult to escape the fire.At present, China is developing more stringent new energy passenger car safety standards to ensure the safety of new energy buses.In order to conform to the new standard, the production cost of new energy bus will be increased, which in a certain extent, restrict the development of new energy bus, but in front of security issues, the development of new energy bus must give way to safety.