The Development Of Power Batteries Cannot Be Done Blindly

- Jan 11, 2020-

Recently, the Seminar on Interpretation and Trend of New Energy Policies for Urban Public Transport, jointly organized by the China Electric Vehicle Hundred People's Association and the Highway Research Institute of the Ministry of Transport, was held in Beijing. Ouyang Minggao, director of the State Key Laboratory of Automotive Safety and Energy Saving, and executive vice chairman of the China Electric Vehicles Hundred Persons Association, told reporters at the China Science Daily that starting from 2014, China ’s power battery industry has developed rapidly and investment has grown rapidly. However, due to safety considerations, the development of China's power batteries should not be carried out blindly and should be postponed.

Ouyang Minggao pointed out that since the 15th, China has started large-scale research and development of new energy vehicles. Through the foundation of the 10th Five-Year Plan, the layout of the 11th Five-Year Plan, and the key project approvals during the 12th Five-Year Plan, China's New Energy Auto The appraisal phase has developed to the start of industrialization.

Since 2014, the Chinese government has introduced a series of preferential policies. China's new energy vehicle industry has entered a period of rapid development, battery investment has grown rapidly, and the battery industry has achieved rapid growth. However, there is still a shortage of supply. Ouyang Minggao specifically pointed out that the development of the battery industry is not a simple investment issue, and the proportion of investment in research and development is more important. Regarding the power system of electric vehicles, whether it is an extended-range plug-in hybrid power system, a pure electric power system, or a fuel cell power system, we must comprehensively consider and analyze the core technology and advantages and disadvantages of each system to steadily increase quality Quantitative development. Therefore, the development of China's power battery should maintain a reasonable development speed.

With the goal of realizing an integrated platform for urban bus power systems, we must deepen industrial development, improve scientific research and technological capabilities, and ensure the safe, stable, and rapid development of new energy vehicle development projects. Ouyang Minggao said.