The Development Trend Of Lithium Ion Battery Electrolyte

- Mar 22, 2018-

The country's battery requirement is 300 watts per kilogram by 2020.Therefore, to improve the energy density of the battery is the development trend of the future battery, and the future development trend of electrolyte is to cooperate with the battery to improve the energy density, safety and consistency.

Electrolyte application technology development in order to form a complete set of battery energy density increase performance and improve the existing system of paying equal attention to, so according to the development trend of battery later listed a series of problems need to be solved, such as high voltage, high energy density of electrolyte how to piece together, each enterprise has a different solution, the solution is the application of additives and add some new type of solvent.

At present, a lot of new lithium salts are studied, and the existing lithium salts are considered to be reliable, but the conductivity is very high, and there is some corrosion to the battery.Before the electrolyte is more meet the needs of 3 c market, with the development of the power battery, former factory of electrolyte and cell fusion is not very good, but also on the packing and shipping to meet the needs of existing battery, such as battery power density is larger, now the energy density is higher, and requires very high consistency, far from the basic requirement of 3 c battery, there appears the contradiction, is an electrolyte higher production enterprises need some high degree of automation, intelligent equipment to ensure the consistency of the electrolyte.The second is to meet the needs of the battery during transportation.In fact, sometimes the electrolyte is affected by temperature is very large, as in terms of the existing solvent, temperature, melting point and negative point, affected by temperature is bigger, so the transportation to the manufacturer may have caused the uneven or consistency.

3 c market is, after all, small batch, batch number, with the development of new energy automobile market demand of power battery is very big, we need to stand higher, to meet the new energy vehicles, stand in the Angle of the car to see the demand of the electrolyte, the electrolyte will have a new understanding.Therefore, it is suggested that the industry should be integrated, and existing electrolyte plants and battery factories must be integrated together to meet the demand of new energy vehicles for batteries.