The Electric Car Market Ushered In The Magnesium Battery: The Electricity Capacity Is Improved Comprehensively

- Aug 31, 2017-

China energy storage webex: believe everyone blessing for lithium battery electric vehicle and familiar but again, for both cost and performance aspects of lithium battery does have many advantages, but in recent years gradually appeared many new batteries or alternative lithium batteries.And more recently, the new magnesium battery, developed by a research team from the university of Houston in the United States, is more than twice the size of a commercial lithium-ion battery.

As is known to all, magnesium battery charge and discharge process charge performance will decline rapidly, so for many years people have been looking for it can store a large amount of magnesium ion battery cathode materials to study the magnesium, but whether it be for or break the magnesium chloride key storage magnesium ion technology is difficult, only need technology is overcome difficult.

, associate professor, department of electrical engineering at the university of Houston, motor, Yan Yao team new research released in the journal nature communications, they designed the nanostructures of battery cathode, let new magnesium cell significantly increased four times the storage capacity.The storage capacity of the early magnesium battery is 100mAh/g, compared with the new battery of 400mAh/g, while the average commercial lithium-ion battery has a cathode capacity of about 200mAh/g.

According to the researchers, the new magnesium battery voltage at around 1 v (lithium ion battery voltage of 3 ~ 4 v), it restricted by voltage to a certain extent, but researchers are still looking forward to a new design of magnesium battery can be used in the field of more valuable.Because of the difficulty of realizing the magnesium battery, the current magnesium batteries are mainly used for military communications, weather meters, shipwrecks, high-altitude radar and other equipment.

Indeed, almost all kinds of new energy market nowadays is lithium ion battery occupies half, but due to the lithium battery safety concern, so for many years the industry has been in the new cheaper and safer new battery.The new magnesium battery, developed by the university of Houston research team, is designed to make higher-energy batteries at a lower price, which could be a big boost to the future of the electric car market.