The Eu Has A Record High Proportion Of Wind Power

- Nov 10, 2017-

WindEurope China energy storage net news: European wind power industry association, said in a news release that the October 28, the European wind power for the first time meet the power demand of 24.6%, nearly a quarter, a record high.

Among them, land wind power accounted for 21.8% and offshore wind power accounted for 2.8%.

Prior to that, the record was on October 7, when wind power generated 19.9 percent of electricity demand.

In terms of eu membership, Denmark has a surplus of wind power, 1.09 times its domestic demand, and Germany generates 61% of its domestic demand.

WindEurope also noted that wind power generation also set a new record per hour, with the eu reaching 89.9 gigawatts, with Germany reaching 31.9 gw/time, Poland 5.1 gw/time, Norway 0.9 gw/time.