The European Union Has Said It Will Respond Quickly If It Comes Under Us Trade Restrictions

- Feb 01, 2018-

The European Union responded on January 29 after President Donald trump accused the European Union of unfair trade policies, and the European Union would respond quickly if the us imposed curbs on eu exports.

"Trade policy is not a zero-sum game, and trade can and should be a win-win," European commission spokesman marcalytis skinner said at a news conference on January 29.He stressed trade rules and said the European Union stands ready to respond quickly to the impact of trade restrictions imposed by the us on eu exports.

In itv broadcast on January 28th to trump's interview, said trump, the product is hard to enter the eu market, but the eu product duty-free or low tariffs on exports to the United States, it is very unfair.Mr Trump has suggested that the us could retaliate against the eu.

On January 22, the office of the United States trade representative announced that the United States would impose a guaranteed tariff on imported washing machines and photovoltaic cells and components via trump's approval.The rare unilateralism has raised concerns about rising protectionism in the us.The eu expressed regret that it seriously doubted whether the us approach was in line with wto rules and would study its impact on eu exports.