The First Centralized Photovoltaic Power Station In Sichuan Province Is Connected To The Grid

- Apr 20, 2018-

On April 11, aba holocene county town Martha village Qiong creek, a few days ago just hooked up to the holocene if first 20 mw photovoltaic power station running smoothly for poverty alleviation, centralized rows of solar photovoltaic panels in the sun.


The project, covering an area of 391 mu, was built by China power investment group co., LTD., with a total annual capacity of 26.24 million KWH. It is the first centralized photovoltaic poverty reduction power station built and put into operation in sichuan province.After the project is put into operation, hongyuan county will increase its poverty alleviation fund by RMB 2,436 million each year, which will increase the annual income of the 2,436 local people who are unable to work in the local government.

Sichuan ganzi, aba and liangshan area are rich in solar energy resources. The state is determined to apply photovoltaic power generation poverty alleviation project to 2,494 poor villages in 31 poverty-stricken counties in the three states.