The First Electric Car Sharing Battery System In The Country

- Aug 09, 2017-

You don't have to buy your own batteries, replace your batteries, and you can share the battery. Do you accept it?Three bell at the end of July, MOTOROLA's guangzhou dynamic new energy technology co., LTD., in guangzhou has released the first electric car sharing battery systems -- - "M orning", its new moped "mo bell" and electric motorcycle "friction force" also synchronization.

The reporter learns in the conference, the Morning of the launch system, enforce a lithium battery from the factory to the recycling process using Shared loan usage patterns, to have the system database to track record.Users do not need to buy a battery, and the battery will be charged in a rechargeable cabinet.Users will only need to register the M orning system and rent and return the battery in the charge exchange cabinet, while avoiding all kinds of unstandardized waste battery disposal.

Similar to the sharing cycle/charging model, the Morning lithium battery sharing service system can also be used for A wide range of information on A PP.At the same time, the "moling" auxiliary vehicle, on the basis of the province and power, has solved the Shared bicycle short-distance extension, which makes it easier for more people to travel further and more convenient.The reporter sees that electric car share battery charging ark and share of charge treasure similar, but according to the battery volume size is divided into two kinds.Small for the powertrain battery, big for electric motorcycle battery.The former can support the car to complete the 15km journey, which can meet the range of 50 km.

The company calculates an account: the battery price of an electric tricycle is about 1200 yuan, can be used for 2 years, charging electricity charge is 10 yuan every day, the cost of a year is about 4000 yuan.The cost of using a Shared battery for a year is 2,000 yuan.So how can companies make money?According to the manufacturer's data, with the solar auxiliary charging system, the charging process is fast and the power consumption is low.The charging process for the battery from 20 percent to 90 percent of electricity takes only 90 minutes and is managed by high-order BM S.On the other hand, lead-acid batteries used to have only 50% of the battery's decline in a year, and the battery has more than 80 percent of its lifespan, and overall, it costs about a second less than the average battery.

It is reported that the new energy system of the new energy system is first launched in guangzhou university city and established a demonstration point, then replicated across the country and output the whole system.