The First Fan Of Guodian Zhoushan Putuo Offshore Wind Power Plant Is Successfully Connected To The Grid

- Dec 20, 2017-

On December 11, zhejiang province's first offshore wind power project, guodian zhoushan putuo sea wind farm, the first fan to achieve success and grid power.As the key part of the offshore wind farm supporting project, shandong in turbine sichuan building in 220 kv booster station at sea is a charged successfully, marking the sea booster station's two main transformer 35 kv, 220 kv and close combination of electrical appliances and other large equipment is put into operation, the wind farm 63 turbines for the future of all grid generation has laid a solid foundation.


Guodian zhoushan putuo offshore wind farm with a size of 252 mw, is guodian power as well as the first offshore wind project in zhejiang province, on the whole of offshore wind development in zhejiang province has a guiding and exemplary role, and to promote zhejiang energy equipment industry progress and reduce the pressure on energy and environment is of great significance.Borne by shandong turbine company, sichuan electrical system equipment supply and installation of 220 kv booster station is China's first strong typhoon sea waters offshore booster station, which is the company following the jiangsu huaneng some wind farms offshore booster station built after the second sea booster station project.

For this project is located in the actual typhoon surge and region, and the tight and drawing changes, such as adverse factors, since July start construction this year, shandong company actively summarize in turbine sichuan huaneng some offshore wind farm booster station construction and management experience, work overtime to digest the design drawings, strictly implement the work requirements of the client, the contractor, according to the schedule in a timely manner to adjust the construction plan, optimize the construction process, actively organize the various aspects of lean strength on fighting, ensure that the 220 kv booster station charged a successful at sea.