The First Floating Photovoltaic Power Station In Hangzhou Went Into Operation

- Sep 07, 2017-

China energy storage network: a 20-megawatt photovoltaic power station in the construction of a large photovoltaic power station has completed the operation of 110kv south peak electric power station and successfully connected with the network.This is the first floating photovoltaic power station in hangzhou, which is expected to generate about 20 million yuan per year.

The demonstration project of the 20-megawatt floating photovoltaic power station in sandu town is one of the major industrial projects in our city. The project plans to invest 160 million yuan.

The concept of project concept of the complementary project of fishery light is fully demonstrated by using the surface floating photovoltaic power generation system, combining with the dual-wave photovoltaic module and the underwater aquaculture fishery.The project has a total of 419 mu of fishing pond, and the projection area of pv modules is only 37.6% of the total area, and the installed capacity of 20 mw will be achieved with less water surface, and the annual power generation will be around 20 million degrees.

The average coal consumption of coal-fired power generation is 315g/kWh, with an average annual saving of 5900t.Do not emit CO2, SO2, NO2 and smoke and other harmful substances.It also saves about 54,000 cubic meters of water per year and reduces waste water and water.

Recently completed 110 kv south peak electric access work, successful parallel network operation.This is the first floating photovoltaic power station in hangzhou.