The First Low Temperature Battery Electric Car Will Not Be Afraid Of Cold

- Sep 07, 2017-

Electric cars are afraid of "cold", and in cold weather, their battery performance will be greatly reduced.This has become a major obstacle to the development of electric vehicles.The world's first low-temperature battery product came out on August 31st.It can be heated up from minus 30 degrees to more than 0 degrees to activate the normal application of power cells.

"In cold weather, the range of electric vehicles can be reduced by 40 to 50 per cent, and sub-zero temperatures cannot be charged, making it a 'greenhouse flower'."One of the technical team leader, Beijing institute of technology professor feng-chun sun told reporters, the science and technology journal is usually heated the battery "warming" approach is outside, but this way not only high energy consumption and the effect is not ideal.

The product development team consists of Beijing university of technology, citic Pacific unita Power technology co., LTD and EC Power company.The technician USES the principle of wire electric heating to add nickel foil to the battery core.After power, the nickel foil produces heat, which increases the internal temperature of the battery.After reaching a certain temperature, the foil automatically disconnects and guarantees safety."When it's minus thirty degrees in experimental environment, application of the technology of battery in just 30 seconds, can quickly heat up to above freezing, the discharge power increased by more than six times, charging power is increased by more than 10 times."Sun told reporters that the operation does not change the original structure of the battery, and the cost is extremely low, which is suitable for batteries such as lead-acid batteries and lithium batteries.

The battery will serve mainly in 2022 Beijing - zhangjiakou winter Olympics."During the winter Olympics, outdoor temperatures can be as low as minus 30 degrees, and low-temperature batteries can ensure the normal operation of the vehicles.""Said sun.

He disclosed that this year December, the team will be developed with a low battery of buses, minibuses and cars and so on 3 kind of prototype, and completed before the Spring Festival next year in the low temperature cold prototype validation test.