The First Offshore Wind Farm In The Us Was Cancelled 16 Years Ago

- Dec 14, 2017-

An American company in Massachusetts is abandoning its long-stalled plan for offshore wind farms near Cape Cod.


Cape Wind Associates recently notified the federal Marine energy administration that it had ceased operations and handed over a federal lease on the 119 square kilometers of south tackett bay.Dennis duffy, the company's vice President, revealed the official announcement on December 1.

Cape wind power company in 16 years ago, put forward a project of the country's first offshore wind farm has 130 fan, but suffered a major setback in 2015 plan, including termination of important agreements with utility companies.

Audra Parker, director of the south tackett bay alliance, opposed the project, saying the news was "good news."Earlier, the alliance and other opponents called for a federal decision to reaffirm that the company's lease expires in 2041.