The First Offshore Wind Turbine In Zhejiang Has Been Successfully Installed In Zhoushan

- Nov 03, 2017-

China energy storage net news: on November 1, in zhejiang zhoushan maritime bureau "tour 0745" sea boat guard escort ships, first sea fan - guodian zhejiang zhoushan putuo 6 main body of the offshore wind farm project first fan is installed to the fan bearing stage smoothly.


The offshore wind farm is located in zhoushan putuo guodian zhoushan putuo 6 six cross island south, is the first offshore wind project in zhejiang province, something about 12 kilometers long, about 3 km wide north-south, projects approved by the scale of 252 mw, dynamic project with a total investment of 4.51322 billion yuan.

The first fan of the installation consists of a cabin, hub, tower and three blades, weighing 462 tons and a total length of 68 meters.

In order to ensure the smooth installed offshore wind projects fan, zhoushan maritime sector as early as the first fan parts during assembly on regulatory, visit the owner units in advance understanding of the fan installation plan, towing and concrete process of construction project, and give priority to the towing ship "the 888th" to carry out ship safety inspection, the safe hidden trouble.

According to the understanding, after the fan completed the assembly at the end of September, due to the frequent wind changes in the sea, the fan tugboat group chose to wait for installation at the supporting dock.

In the meantime, the Marine department collects meteorological information in a timely manner and provides professional guidance for the installation of the fan, while implementing the "one-day tour" of wind power construction waters.

On October 30, the operation of the dryers was launched in advance, and in order to ensure the safety of the towing, the maritime department enhanced the electronic cruise of the towing waters by using the remote information equipment to escort the dryers.

November 1 in the morning, the offshore wind conditions conform to the requirements of the installation, fan installation official start, the maritime sector at the same time of strengthening electronic cruise, send "tour 0745" sea boat to relevant waters swept the whole convoy, ensure the smooth installation of the fan.