The First Photovoltaic Power Station In Jiangsu Province Has Landed In Nanjing

- Oct 28, 2017-

China's energy storage network news: a day ago, the construction of a rooftop photovoltaic power project in jiangnan bus stop has been accelerated, and the project is expected to be completed by the end of 2017 and will be officially put into production.

The project of nanjing bus group in the city area to implement intelligent bus terminal "first step", in the future construction conditions allow, bus terminal will be unified for the electric bus station running photovoltaics, charging pile and storage facilities.


Photovoltaic power will be used for charging pile facilities, electric vehicle clean energy charging operation, and truly practice the green cycle energy concept.

After using photovoltaic power generation, it is expected to save 100 tons of standard coal and 282 tons of carbon dioxide and 4 tons of nitrogen oxides.

Stars charging full investment in nanjing photovoltaic power generation project, involved in the construction of nanjing all bus electrification transformation, practice green intelligent transportation reform in jiangsu province, in the true sense integrates "light filling store" intelligent terminal bus industry actively practice green low carbon development idea.

After nanjing bus group called project seminar for many times, and stars positive charging of photovoltaic power generation principle, saving energy and reducing consumption efficiency analysis, installation plan and cooperation pattern and so on to carry out the special topic for many times, many demonstration projects of scientific and sustainability.

As is known to all, the stars charging developing rapidly in the field of private charge over the past two years, has become a daily charge in our country the first electric vehicle charging operators, platform of self-built charging equipment more than 30000 terminals, charging amount more than 1.2 million degrees.

In fact, the star charging technology has also made a breakthrough in the power charging technology of the public transportation sector.

The star charging dc charger can meet the fast charging demand of bus bus, and has the intelligent cloud platform management system, which can meet the construction and operation requirements of urban smart bus network.

Stars charging the investment of nanjing pv charging projects, in addition to the electric vehicle charging the green intelligent solutions to provide, the most critical is solve the problem of energy conservation and environmental protection from the power source of innovation.

The important move of star charging will help nanjing build the first bus station in jiangsu province to use solar power for production, and accelerate the reform of green and intelligent transportation in jiangsu province.