The First Semi-solid Lithium-ion Batteries Will Be Used In Drones

- Jun 29, 2018-

Solid Energy Systems, based in Massachusetts, is on track to become the first company to sell semi-solid batteries, according to IEEE startup says that semi-solid batteries can hold twice as much energy as conventional lithium-ion batteries of the same weight.

Lithium-ion batteries have a powerful energy and long cycle life, but are prone to explosion and injury, leading to electronics being recalled and banned.Replacing inflammable liquid electrolytes with inert solids such as plastics or ceramics is a safer alternative.

Solid energy systems, "says founder Hu Qichao, many people try to find the perfect one hundred percent solid battery technology, while solid battery energy density is about 500 watts/kg, is double that of conventional lithium ion battery, but the downside is only rechargeable 200 times (conventional batteries repeat frequency is close to 1000 times)."So we think a semi-solid battery is better."

The company coated the ultra-thin anode made of pure lithium foil with a composite ceramic polymer electrolyte to allow the lithium salt to conduct ions at room temperature.The new designs make the battery twice as energy-dense as a conventional battery, and can be recharged 23, 000 times.Today's advanced drones, which can fly only 20 minutes with conventional batteries, can fly 40 minutes or more with new batteries.The new technology also USES plasticizers to prevent cracking, while solving the common problem of interface cracking in solid-state batteries.

The company is currently testing batteries for drones and is expected to go on sale later this year.