The First Set Of Industrial And Commercial Intelligent Energy Storage System In Changzhou, Jiangsu Province

- Nov 08, 2017-

China's energy storage net news: 2, this month by liyang plante new energy company to invest in the construction of industrial and commercial wisdom energy storage system is successfully put into operation, and access to the jiangsu provincial power company energy storage interactive platform.

This is the first commercial and commercial energy storage project in our city.


The system is based on the electric car retired power battery of large energy storage device, the peak elimination operation strategy, cereal electrovalency phase factory charging to the energy storage system, low voltage side power grid peak phase electricity energy storage system to the factory full load power supply for private use, so that customers enjoy the benefit from the peak valley price difference.

In early September, liyang city power supply company received the pride of the new energy company request to interconnection, immediately organize the marketing technical backbone of the energy storage system to carry out the field survey and grid design optimization, and actively interact with the provincial company energy storage platform contact coordination, guarantee the project smoothly grid-connection.

The energy storage system is composed of 9 sets of 20kW energy storage basic units in parallel, with a total of 180kW and an effective capacity of 1MWh.

At present the system internal interconnection in liyang pride new energy company, according to the current 10 kv large industrial electricity peak valley price 0.7558 yuan/kWh calculation, project since put into operation to produce about 625 yuan a day peak valley price gains, is expected to recover the investment costs for five years.