The First Wind Farm In Zhejiang Province Generated 150 Million KWH

- Nov 16, 2017-

On Nov. 8, a communist party member of the power supply company of the state-owned company dongyang city went to the city of dongbaishan wind farm for the hidden trouble of power distribution equipment.

So far, the wind farm has been officially connected to the grid for seven years, generating 144.9 million kilowatt-hours of electricity, equivalent to about 522 million tons of standard coal and 13.77 million tons of carbon dioxide.

Zhejiang dongyang east baishan wind farms is the first wind farm in central China, zhejiang province, equipped with 20 Taiwan mono-device 750 mw wind turbines, a total of 15000 kilowatts, annual output of about 2000 KWH.

Grid for seven years, the company reasonable arrangement, scientific scheduling, in addition to the input for the early construction service, and efficient construction of 35 kv step-up substation and line of form a complete set, and often the door to line equipment hidden perils in safety, guide the operation scheme of revision.