The Five Development Directions Of New Energy Vehicles In The Future

- Aug 29, 2017-

More and more people are inclined to think that new energy vehicles will become the next vane of motor vehicle development.On the international front, a wave of international announcements of a complete ban on fuel cars has just passed, such as the UK, France and the Netherlands, which have been used to refer to diesel vehicles.Looking at China, the NDRC has said it will no longer approve new conventional fuel vehicles.

For now, the development trend of new energy vehicles presents the following features:

1. The polarization is obvious

Thanks to the advance of environmental protection in China, and the start of the policy subsidy, the development of new energy vehicles is twice the result.Today, subsidies TuiPo, floating barriers to entry, new energy vehicles demand more but also had more strict requirements, this is related to the quality of the car companies and technology system "hardware" such as the new round of the test.

In this context, product performance, vehicle making technology, vehicle service and other areas will become the competition points for enterprises.Thus, whether the new energy vehicle enterprise has the innovation ability, has the core technology, has the complete industrial chain decides the final result of the market share competition.Obviously, in the market acceleration of the fittest conditions, the internal division phenomenon is the inevitable occurrence of a large purge.

2. The electric tag is becoming clearer

The new energy car industry has grown to the point where it is still flawed in terms of battery life, battery technology, maintenance and management, but still has a built-in advantage over conventional fuel vehicles.A lot of the personage inside course of study thinks, even if in a very long period of time, fuel vehicles, hybrid vehicles and pure electric vehicles will coexist in the market, the future development of the label is still "electric".

This can be seen from the market share changes of pure electric vehicles in China, from less than 2% to more than traditional fuel cars, and the industry is expected to change in the past decade.From the perspective of environmental protection and energy consumption, as long as the cost barrier is crossed and a complete operation system is built, the possibility of a pure electric-driven future blueprint will be significantly improved.

3. The future of intelligent networking

The concept of big data, Internet of things and smart homes is no stranger to people today.The ideas of intelligence, information network and automation are moving into thousands of homes, and the future of the automobile industry is the same.If driverless cars look to the future from design to manufacturing, then new energy vehicles are the first to step into the technological frontier with the advantage of "starting late".

Nowadays, the development of automobile industry has become more and more prominent, and the Internet connection technology is one of the extension of this multi-dimensional extension.Heights, new energy automobile manufacturers in order to seize more market share have been advanced auxiliary driving system layout, docking mature intelligent network technology, embedded sensors, radar and other new parts, to add more value added products.

4. The main branch of the industrial chain

To sum up, the path of the new energy vehicle development will not be a trunk to the end.As is known to all, the main plate of the new energy automobile industry chain is the whole vehicle manufacturing, battery system and after-sales operation and maintenance.Today, the industrial chain of development demand is extending to add many branches to the new energy automobile industry.

First, the competition intensifies the wave of merger and reorganization, whether it is carrying capital, carrying technology, or carrying the surrounding industry into the bureau, will affect the industrial chain form;Second, in cooperation with new materials companies, the car companies cooperate with smart system developers, and the car companies cooperate with the hydrogen fuel technology brand...The upstream and downstream, the left and right wall all get through;In addition, the light weight, multi-mode, high intelligence and other labels directly connect the main branch of the modern industrial chain of new energy vehicles.

May be able to take the international stage

In fact, according to the experts, China's new energy car market share is expected to surpass the international leadership level in the next three to five years.As a leading power in vehicle ownership, new energy vehicle replacement and new market potential are considerable.The diversification of consumption pattern is one of the advantages of China's new energy vehicle enterprise "going out", and the technology and scale are also expected to follow up.

As of now, China's auto industry has been stuck in the export sector, while sales of new energy vehicles have risen.The average new energy export price is low, the export volume is large and the higher grade pure electric passenger cars are small, but the unit price is high.That is to say, whether the technical process is better or the usual one has its export advantage.Moreover, the new energy car companies are also very active in foreign cooperation, or research and development cooperation, capital cooperation, or trade cooperation.

Of course, there is no denying that the development of new energy vehicles in China has a "sequela".But, as long as you follow the vein, insist on the prepared wars, always focus on the strengthening its strength core, on the basis of meet the demand for more valuable industrial advantage, natural to old and new wave of change are in the market.