The Four Major Data In China ‘s Lithium Battery Market[chapter One]

- Nov 19, 2016-

Today will talk about the four major data in china ‘s lithium battery market. First let’s talk about the chapter one of it.

1.         Lithium battery market size

Driven by the new energy automotive market continued rapid expansion of the impact of the past two years, China's lithium-ion battery demand soared, battery power has gradually become the leading force in lithium battery industry growth. Lithium-ion battery industry in 2016 continued the momentum of rapid development. Industry website statistics show that in 2015 the output value of lithium batteries in China reached 83.2 billion yuan, up 38% year-on-year 2014, affected by the power side, in 2016 the output value of lithium batteries in China will reach 103.2 billion yuan, an increase of some of the main power lithium battery. Expected China's lithium battery output will reach 144.8 billion yuan by 2018.

2.         Lithium battery productivity

The first half of 2016, two major application areas of lithium-ion batteries - mobile phones and electric vehicle production showed varying degrees of rapid growth. According to the National Bureau of Statistics data show that in the first half of China's mobile phone production reached 966 million, an increase of 23.3%, new energy vehicle production 285,000, an increase of 88.7%. The rapid growth of major downstream products, driven by lithium-ion battery demand soared, reversing the lithium-ion battery production growth continued to decline trend. According to industry website statistics, the first half of 2016 lithium battery production in China was 28.15GWH, an increase of 30.5%. Looking ahead in the second half, lithium-ion battery demand will continue the rapid growth momentum, is expected to lithium battery production will reach 62.34GWH, the proportion of China's power lithium battery is expected to exceed 3C battery to become the largest application side. China's lithium-ion battery market is expected to reach 102.68GWH in 2018, the next three years, a compound growth of 25%.

All above is the chapter one , next two major data will be seen in the chapter two.