The Four Major Data In China ‘s Lithium Battery Market[chapter Two]

- Nov 19, 2016-

We have mentioned the two major data in the chapter one ,the next two major data will be as follows:

l  three terminal applications of lithium battery

From the three major consumer lithium battery point of view, the fastest growing power lithium battery in 2015, China's power lithium battery production 16.9GWH, an increase of 3 times more than the growth rate far beyond the other two terminals. The first half of 2016, China's power lithium battery productivity is about 12.64GWH, is expected to 2016 low power battery production in China will reach 29.39GWH, more than 3C battery production, become the largest consumer side, the battery will be China's lithium battery in the next 3 years The largest driving engine, power battery is gradually transition from the lead-in period to high-speed growth period. "Thirteen Five-Year Plan" period, energy storage included in the "thirteen" plan 100 large projects, the development potential of lithium battery applications but because of technology, policy and other reasons are still in the market introduction phase, relative to the battery lag . China's lithium battery productivity in 2015 is about 3GWH, an increase of 45.8%, with the technology matures in the future, the energy storage market will also become the other pole of lithium battery consumption. China is expected in 2016 lithium battery productivity capacity of 3.79GWH.

l  three major types of lithium batteries

By the impact of battery power in 2015, although the soft-core batteries continue to sit tight productivity and growth in the first position, but by the challenges of the square batteries, combined with mature 3C softball batteries market and some parts of the battery is still soft Batteriesthe past two years will still be the most important type of battery pack, and with the past two years, especially power battery factory to the country Hin, BYD and other leading battery companies to expand the large-scale power battery core production line, to In 2018, the square battery core will replace the soft battery core to become the market application most battery type. Cylindrical batteries are the three batteries in the overall competitiveness of the weakest one, but by Wal-Mart as the representative of the rapid expansion of battery business, its market position should not be underestimated.

Specific data, in 2015 China's output of soft-core batteries for the 20.93GWH, an increase of 47.28%; cylindrical batteries yield 11.5GWH, an increase of 44.42%; square battery output of 14.37GWH, an increase of 56.61% Faster than the other two shape batteries. China is expected in 2016, the production of square batteries will reach 20.32GWH, the growth rate of four percent, still higher than the soft bag and cylindrical batteries growth.