The Function Of The Protective Plate Of Lithium Battery Pack

- Nov 30, 2017-

Lithium-ion battery pack can be safe and effective to use, mainly relies on the protection mechanism of lithium ion battery protection board, for large scale of lithium-ion battery pack, series-parallel complex lithium ion battery can use function more rich BMS lithium ion battery management system, whether lithium ion battery protection version or lithium ion battery management system, its function is to protect lithium ion battery, prevent individual appeared lithium ion battery charge, prolong the life of lithium-ion battery pack as a whole, improve lithium ion battery life is the most effective method.


Small lithium ion battery pack protection board

Safety requirements of lithium ion battery:

We all know that lithium ion battery in be used actually, overcharge, discharge is prohibited, exceed standard battery for charge and discharge, because the charge and discharge will affect the safety and service life of batteries, use more than the standard large current charge or discharge batteries in can cause thermal fusion phenomenon, serious can cause the explosion and fire, the life and property security, so in the actual work of lithium ion battery needs to be a safe protective measures, to avoid the risk of lithium ion battery caused by misuse.

The lithium ion battery protection board should have the following basic functions:

■ Put protection: when the lithium ion battery electric almost finished with the lowest voltage to a requirement, protection board will be closed, cannot in the discharge, product so will automatically shut down, the formation of a discharge protection.

■ Overcharge protection: when charging the product, when the voltage reaches the maximum voltage of the lithium ion battery (4.2 V), the protection board will automatically shut down, and the display will not be charged again.A kind of overshoot protection.

■ Short circuit protection: when the lithium ion battery accidentally short circuit, protection board will be automatically closed in milliseconds, in electricity, then across the electrodes is met a is also ok, formed a kind of short circuit protection can not cause bombings.

■ Overcurrent protection: when the lithium ion battery is discharged, the protective plate will have a maximum current, different products are different, and when the discharge exceeds this current protective plate will also be automatically closed

As well as the safety and anti-failure function design and anti-static impact design of li-ion battery protection board.