The Future Of Intelligent Industrial Robots

- Sep 09, 2017-

Traditional industrial robots are characterized by precision, efficiency and reliability, but they still have a lot of limitations, insensitivity, sense of environment and objects.The pace of change in the global manufacturing model is getting faster and faster, and the smart industrial robots of the future need to be more flexible and humane.


Understand collaboration and interaction with humans

Collaborative robot design concept is to understand the surrounding environment and to interact with humans, the purpose is to develop some natural interface, can be in less training, low energy consumption under the condition of complex robot system is running.Many manufacturers of industrial robots have had some success in collaborative robotics.

Get smarter

For example, the preprogramming of a particular object makes it more likely to fail in the face of something new.But he will learn, and he will not make any mistakes in the next time he faces the same thing, and he will use "cloud" technology to share relevant experiences with other robots in the process of each learning.More depth for potential applications include machine learning, through the planned maintenance work ahead of time and reduce downtime, and through the analysis of visual system and sensor data to optimize the robot's movement.