The Future Of Power Batteries Predicts A Long Way To Go

- Oct 13, 2017-

In recent years, the new energy automobile industry has developed rapidly in the context of the increasingly serious environmental problems and the gradual development of energy diversification strategies.

As the heart of electric vehicle, power battery is the key to the development of new energy automobile industry. With the support of a series of policy measures and the efforts of all parties, China's dynamic battery industry has achieved remarkable achievements.

Power battery is growing rapidly

In the next five years, domestic sales of new energy vehicles will maintain rapid growth and annual compound growth rate is expected to exceed 30%.

The new energy vehicle market has exploded, driving the rapid growth of power batteries.

According to forward-looking industry research institute "China power battery PACK industry development prospects and investment analysis report sorting data show that in 2015 China power battery output value 38 billion yuan, up 262% from a year earlier, the output is close to digital lithium battery.

In 2016, China's power battery output of 64.5 billion yuan exceeded the size of traditional digital lithium battery for the first time, making it the largest area in the consumption structure of lithium battery.

As a new promotion policy, as well as the future lithium battery production technology promotion and cost reduction, power battery for new energy vehicles in the next five years will demand rapid growth, in 2016 China's automotive power battery production is 30.8 GWh, 2020 China automobile power lithium battery production is expected to reach 141 GWh.