The Future Trend And Analysis Of China's Photovoltaic Industry

- Sep 14, 2017-

China's energy storage net news: photovoltaic application market in China has gradually expanded, "twelfth five-year" period, photovoltaic power generation capacity in China grew by an average of 179% a year, by the end of 2015, China photovoltaic accumulative total grid capacity has reached 43.18 million kilowatts, become the world's photovoltaic power first superpower.Analysis on the development prospect of photovoltaic industry:

According to the data, as of November 2016, the new volume of centralized power stations reached 28.45 million kw, accounting for 89 percent of the total installed capacity of photovoltaic power generation.In addition, the newly added capacity of distributed photovoltaic power generation is 3.66 million kilowatts, accounting for only 11 percent of total pv generation.This indicates that the development of distributed photovoltaic power generation projects is still relatively low.

Moreover, there will be a sharp reduction in the benchmark electricity price for centralized power stations in 2017, which will reduce the attractiveness of investment in concentrated photovoltaic projects.However, the distributed pv project will become a hot investment in the future of the photovoltaic industry due to the advantages of "close proximity" and "residual Internet".

In addition, the market of the sale of electricity market gradually takes shape, also raised people to install the distributed pv project initiative.

However, from the perspective of the distributed pv construction, there are still many problems, which are very bad for the future development of the industry.For example, the project site selection is more casual, and many enterprises join in the competition to seize the roof resources.However, from the characteristics of distributed pv, it is relatively close to the residential area and the installation of simple features, which determines that most of its construction is in agricultural sheds, mudflats and lakes and roofs and so on.However, in the situation of the stampede of operators, the shortage of space resources is becoming more and more prominent.

On the other hand, in the market promotion process, the photovoltaic products only can improve the installation of the yield, can effectively open the market.The yield of photovoltaic power generation depends greatly on the efficiency of photoelectric conversion.At present, the photoelectric conversion rate of film products in the market is higher, but the single crystal silicon and polycrystalline silicon products also have greater room for improvement.

Moreover, from the perspective of the development of pv industry, the electricity price of photovoltaic project will eventually be sold to power grid.It also provides a good external environment for enterprises to open market, but for the operator, or to improve the level of technology research and development, reduce cost, improve the efficiency of power generation, can grasp the market opportunity.

Moreover, considering the distributed photovoltaic power generation has great instability, so for industry operators, also need to work harder on the energy storage, system control and integration solutions are more susceptible to users.

Analysis of photovoltaic industry development prospects, the scale of investment in photovoltaic industry in China in recent years gradually expanded, has now reached level of billions, but after investors are greatly influenced by policy, and the future in the photovoltaic industry policy gradually finalized, investors will be a good time to celebrate the industry layout.