The Government Of Ecuador Has Announced A Cut In Industrial Electricity Prices.

- Jan 17, 2018-

Ecuador "commercial daily" reported on January 10th, eritrea's government announced that since January 1, the national industrial, commercial, manufacturing, small and medium-sized enterprises, industrial electricity price of the production department to implement price discount.From 22:00 to 8:00 the next day, the electricity price is reduced from 7.5 cents per degree to 5 cents per degree. The peak price of the peak price from 8:00 to 18:00 is reduced from 9.27 cents to 8.97 cents per degree, and the electricity price is reduced from 10.67 cents per degree to 10.37 cents per degree.All industry departments will enjoy equal benefits.

The minister said the measure would benefit more than 70 per cent of the production sector and would be able to save 50 per cent of its electricity bills.The new vice President, Mr. Bicunha, noted that this is a positive outcome of the dialogue between the government and the private sector, which will boost employment and productivity.She also said the government would consider adjusting the electricity price in the future.

The production department is more cautious about the measures than the government's optimism, pointing out that the cost of electricity will be analysed at the end of the month.The industry's chamber of commerce says the price cuts are limited during the day, and most companies won't start working at night, so they won't be able to get the best deals.It must also be noted that since October 2014, the electricity bill has risen by more than 50%.The government should take into account the decentralization of electricity measures, introduce a systematic reform plan for electricity bills, and better meet the industrial development needs.