The Government Of India Will Make Every Effort To Encourage Local Battery Manufacturing

- Mar 29, 2018-

Recently, RK Singh, India's minister of new energy and renewable energy, told a conference of battery manufacturers that the government would do everything in its power to encourage local battery manufacturing.


Singh called on the industry to set up a battery manufacturing branch in India, as the government is pushing for electric vehicles to boost demand for future batteries.In addition, future tenders will target solar/wind hybrid projects and energy storage projects.

Mr Singh added that the government was about to introduce policies that would focus on "made in India".

"The tender for the purchase of electric vehicles has been issued and we have started to purchase vehicles.The number of purchases will increase further."Singh said.

Industry put forward in view of the battery of GST (goods and services tax) high tax rate, Singh said India's manufacturing battery should be in the government procurement is a priority, and points out that the need for battery and on-site testing facilities of Indian standards.

Mr Singh also said the government had started to communicate with resource-rich countries such as Bolivia in the supply of adequate batteries for raw materials.