The Hebei Wind Power Industry Park Project Is About To Open A Total Investment Of 5 Billion Yuan

- Sep 06, 2017-

Jinfeng science and technology company of xinjiang makes full use of wind resources in quzhou county economic development zone of handan city, hebei province.

Recently, handan city, hebei province quzhou county economic development zone and Xinjiang Goldwind Science&Technology Co., Ltd signed a strategic cooperation framework agreement, the Xinjiang Goldwind science and technology company will music week in construction of wind power development, equipment manufacturing, the characteristics of wind park in the integration of modern wind power industrial park projects, a total investment of 5 billion yuan.

Financial calendar information express precious metal simulation trading precious metal expert studio gold investment net precious metal market software is understood, this wind power development project, including:

1. The wind power equipment industry base invests 1.5 billion yuan, including the construction of rotor, engine room, low speed shaft, gearbox, generator, electronic controller and other equipment production line and assembly line.At the same time, the introduction of other parts suppliers of the upstream wind power industry chain in quzhou county to provide quality products and services for the development of the county and surrounding wind resources.

Second, large data center and operation maintenance center and training center construction investment of 200 million yuan, the scale of the development of wind power quality, operation, risk and return, real-time monitoring analysis and macro management, create modern wind "smart" industrial park.In order to build a training base of jinfeng university qu zhou campus, and cultivate the talents of wind power professional operation and maintenance.

Third, the investment of 500 million yuan, make wind power industrial park tourist landscape zone, using advanced wind power planning, development, construction technology and experience, concentrated type scale of the county wind resources in the development, to build a demonstration effect of wind landscape zone and industrial tourism projects.

4. Invest 3 billion yuan to develop regional wind energy resources in a centralized serial scale, and have installed 500 sets of 2 mw units in installments in the research and development of all wind energy resource systems in the county.With high standard, high technology content, high comprehensive benefit, low environmental impact as the goal, to develop wind resources investigation and analysis, wind projects approved construction, investment operation, etc, the overall planning, a one-time report, makes the low wind speed wind power key demonstration county.