The Importance And Characteristics Of BMS

- Jul 20, 2019-

Power lithium battery until the completion of life generated from, there are security issues, even when the factory fully comply with international safety standards, in use process will be from the security state of evolution to the unsafe condition, good quality monomer battery performance decline gradually reached a limit, bad quality of monomer battery, its performance will gradually appear in the process of using various abnormal degradation recession, entered into a state of fear not safe. This is a cumulative process of change.

The lithium battery BMS management system is not optional as some battery manufacturers say, but must be available, and must be used throughout the battery pack. Lithium battery management system at home and abroad has a lot of research, and began to apply in many fields, has been able to meet the needs of some markets, the application of lithium battery management system has put forward higher requirements, to ensure the use of battery pack safety, is the primary task of lithium battery management system.

● lithium battery management system consists of management host (CPU), voltage and temperature acquisition module, current acquisition module and communication interface module.
● can detect and display the total voltage, total current and reserve power of lithium battery pack; The voltage of any single battery and the temperature of the battery box; Highest and lowest single battery voltage, battery number, highest and lowest temperature, charge and discharge of battery pack.
●UPS battery host also provides alarm and control output interface, for over voltage, under voltage, high temperature, low temperature, over current, short circuit and other limit conditions alarm and control output.
● provide RS232 and CAN bus interface, can directly read all information of the lithium battery management system on the computer.