The Important Role Of AGV AGV In Industry 4

- Jun 03, 2017-

AGV automatic guided vehicle system is of great significance for the promotion of industry 4. With the rapid response manufacturing execution system, the main production material handling system based on AGV for logistics, has the characteristics of high intelligence, can not only ensure the delivery of products on time, but also for the scientific design process, efficient organization of manufacturing and labor skill requirements, are of great significance.

No inventory system is an important goal of industrial 4 manufacturing, and higher requirements for the core operation process, manufacturing system, business plan and personnel management system. If the manufacturer can not be material requirement of seamless, so they are not in the material control management to obtain and maintain long-term profitability, manufacturing parts need to achieve rapid response operation with dynamic logistics oriented, and the use of AGV dynamic systems and resources to maximize flexibility, to meet the industrial 4 ability to meet a sudden change in customers demand.

So what is the role of the AGV system in industry 4?


Logistics equipment foundation

To meet the need to improve the response speed by carefully considering the factory site to achieve functional blocks and process chain, shorten the transportation distance can also reduce logistics costs, and benefit from the production and material resources to their associated workstations, to control them in the extra consumption of resources. More investment in the complete "local" manufacturing, manufacturing and support functions, using resources with the same regional function, can be used for the material requirements of the assigned region. By increasing our manufacturing depth locally, we have greater control over product development and production, and are more directly associated with demand for production lines.

AGV automatic guided vehicle on production line

Fig. 1 AGV automatic guided trolley on production line

AGV Logistics Oriented manufacturers can improve their ability to match material requirements through continuous investment in lean manufacturing. Lean production is demand oriented, and pulling production to lean practices can help identify bottlenecks, tighten production processes, and create dynamic processes for material requirements communication through your manufacturing operations. Manufacturers in the lean process through investment to create the process of rapid response, not every material requirements change to temporary try, you have to establish a reliable process so that you can maintain the quality and cost control, in order to match the new requirements and can also make the necessary changes. AGV logistics system data interoperability platform, which is used in manufacturing applications highly automated AGV robot and link automatic production unit combination. These technologies are designed according to the industrial 4 lean manufacturing principles and guidelines.

Optimization of human resource quality

Skilled and empowered workers are equally important to their success in any Logistics Oriented Manufacturing industry. According to our experience, all the world's lean production and process files only when the people working for them have the qualifications and ability to make changes and implement solutions, can really bring to the manufacturing process oriented logistics. With a lot of industry production in order to shorten the distance between the final work and re planning, establish a set of skills in the investment and improve the ability of automation equipment use and development is also crucial, including production, engineering and logistics personnel. They have the ability to treat problems as opportunities, to address problems, to contribute to operational solutions, to solve problems, and to eliminate waste and disruption of supply chains.

Meet material requirements at any time

Manufacturers timely logistics mode so that they can meet the sudden change line and the minimum stock demand, a method to deal with this challenge is the use of attention to our AGV plan, we will be organizing production and delivery channels, making them faster to use, without the need for extra speed or control. Our solution runs through manufacturing and material supply. Material management is a large amount of time spent in recognition of this scheme covers material and in many areas of manufacturing architecture design, so as to determine the line material and management according to the guideline, and create a special inventory and delivery process to achieve the project.

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