The Indian State Of Tamil Nadu Plans To Build 500 Megawatts Of Solar Park.

- Jan 29, 2018-

The southern Indian state of Tamil nadu has announced plans to build a 500mw solar power park.

It will be the first state planned solar power park in India's $4 billion central government.

Solar park will be in Kadaladi.So far, the state has issued funds to study the feasibility of building a 500-megawatt solar power park.There is no timetable for an auction of the capacity.

The solar park will increase the state's existing capacity of 2, 000 megawatts of operational capacity and 1, 500 megawatts of solar capacity under construction.

Under the guidance of the central government, several other states have speeded up the process of building large solar parks.Tamil nadu has lagged behind in developing solar projects.It has auctioned off some solar power plants and even signed a direct agreement with developers to build solar power projects.By building solar power plants and sharing infrastructure, the cost of generating electricity has fallen dramatically.