The Largest Solar Farm In Latin America Is Inaugurated In Chile

- Nov 20, 2017-

Acciona, a Spanish infrastructure company, has announced the completion of its largest solar farm in Latin America, built in northeastern Chile.

The solar energy device called El Romero in Chile Vallenar region, power of 246 mw, is composed of 776000 solar modules, covers an area of 280 hectares, producing enough electricity to supply 240000 households in Chile.

Acciona President Jose Manuel Entrecanales said at the ceremony that the company was proud of the project.

"Previously known as' unconventional 'sources of renewable energy could now be applied to other power generation technologies," he said.

The cost of the El Romero solar installation was $343 million, compared with a record 13 months.

With its presence, it is expected to reduce carbon dioxide emissions by 485,000 tonnes per year.

"This new device to strengthen the Chilean leadership" in the field of solar energy development, Chile's energy minister Andres Rebolledo said, and said that Chile is moving toward sustainable development and pollution-free energy model, "".

The energy minister also said that 45 percent of the electricity in Chile is produced by renewable energy.