The Lithium Ion Battery Industry Will Get Its First Battery Life Test Platform

- Jan 25, 2018-

DNV GL has said it has created the first battery life verification platform for lithium-ion batteries based on tests.


, the company said the independent validation tool can compile battery life cycle data, and predict battery degradation under different conditions and the work cycle, to compare different types and brands of electrical energy storage technology.

"As the energy storage deployment to gigawatt scale, the market is still faced with to overcome the challenge of self authentication method", DNV GL group, head of the American energy storage Davion Dr. Hill said in a statement, the battery working cycle and performance owing to the different market and manufacturers.

"Because each project requires unique validation of the battery life cycle, this is a bottleneck in project development," he said.To solve this problem, we used the minimum data set to calibrate the traditional life prediction model.

Once the test is complete, the battery can be adjusted to any work cycle, and the developer can extend it without waiting for the vendor's data.We have created the world's only independent lithium ion batteryperformance database to help companies deploy more quickly.

According to DNV GL, Battery XT can provide advice on Battery size and chemical selection, aiming to reduce risk, inform procurement, and plan energy storage asset management.