The Main Project Of The Moroccan Solar Power Station Starts

- Mar 07, 2018-

On the morning of March 1, local time, with the roar of drilling rig, the main project of the NOOR TAFILALT 120 mw solar power station in Morocco was officially kicked off.Morocco NOOR TAFILALT solar power 120 mw turbine for China zhongnan hospital in Morocco first general contracting project undertaken by the project went smoothly for its further development in Morocco and north Africa market laid a solid foundation, will also execute EPC project accumulated valuable experience in Africa.

Morocco is located in north Africa, the project is located relatively remote and near the Sahara desert, the natural environment is bad, the engineering construction implement European standards and management procedure is complex, high construction standards.Under the careful organization of project department, we overcame many difficulties, the photovoltaic design have been approved in jobsite, the basic end of the bidding procurement, permanent equipment are in production or shipping, site construction work in full swing.