The Maximum Capacity Of China's Monomers For Offshore Wind Projects Starts At The End Of The Year

- Sep 22, 2017-

China energy storage net news: the reporter learns from China guangdong nuclear group co., LTD., a few days ago, CGNPC yangjiang peng south island 400000 mw offshore wind projects approved development and reform commission of guangdong province, and it was approved in the southern province of guangdong CGNPC's first offshore wind project, but also the biggest capacity of the single one-off approval so far offshore wind projects.The head of the south China branch of CGN said it was working hard to prepare for the construction by the end of this year.

It is understood that the project is located in the east of guangdong yangjiang Yang dongping town south sea area, the total installed capacity of 400000 kilowatts, the proposed above 5 megawatt wind turbine, supporting the construction of a 220 kv booster station, sea 35 kv electric cable, 220 kv in submarine cable and a control center of the land, with a total investment of about 8 billion yuan.After the project completed and put into operation and is expected to power the Internet of about 1.03 billion KWH, compared with the same size of coal-fired power plants, a year can save BiaoMei about 321000 tons and reduce ash about about 21200 tons, 21200 tons of carbon dioxide, for offshore wind power development in guangdong province, optimization of guangdong clean energy structure, promote the yuexi region especially yangjiang industrial upgrading, speed up regional economic and social development is of great significance.