The Maximum Capacity Of The 26650 Lithium Ion Battery

- Nov 27, 2017-

In said 26650 lithium ion battery capacity to spread before a concept: first of all, all the capacity of lithium-ion batteries by its structure and material system, different material system that is to say, the same structure its capacity lithium ion battery is not the same.The capacity of the lithium ion battery is affected by the characteristics of the material itself, which is also affected by the design and manufacturing conditions of the core.

Different material itself, the load capacity of the battery is different, depending on the machinability of the material and the compaction density, can also affect the final comprehensive charge capacity of a battery, from the point of the present situation, the battery raw materials research and development ability is stronger, a high degree of automation, processing electric capacity and processing characteristics of material itself is good, relatively good charged characteristics.

The design of lithium ion battery structure, reasonable proportion of formula, high automation of production process, the capacity of lithium ion battery will also be improved.So how big is the capacity of the 26650 lithium ion battery? We have been talking about two popular material systems in China.

■ Lithium iron phosphate material system

3.2V 2500mAh is designed for large current discharge, which supports 30C discharge and instantaneous 50C discharge, which is the first choice of various startup power types.

3.2 V 3500mAh capacity of the batteries is currently the market in 26650 lithium iron phosphate system production supply capacity of the largest battery (as of December 31, 2016), in accordance with the road project PowerlongbatteryPLB battery products, is expected in the second half of 2017 with capacity of 3800 mah lithium iron phosphate 26650 lithium ion batteries.

■ Three yuan (nickel-cobalt manganese) material system

3.7 V 5000mAh the 26650 lithium ion battery products have been quite mature, the consistency of product, very good, the whole cycle test life up to 1500 times in circulation capacity rate above 80%, belong to China three yuan 26650 lithium ion battery category one of the best products, has passed the mandatory testing Chinese car battery, at home in the absolute leading position, even in the product cycle performance and other technical indicators to surpass Japan and South Korea on lithium ion battery.

3.7V 5500mAh is the upgrade of the 5000mAh lithium ion battery, and the capacity and indicators are in the leading position in China.